We provide reliable Maytag fridge repairs

When the fridge in your home breaks down you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. When you require Maytag fridge repair, our team provides a fast and efficient service that guarantees your satisfaction. When a fridge breaks down you not only have to worry about the refrigerator itself but also all of the food and drinks that could go to waste if the problem is not resolved quickly. Our trained and experienced technicians know Maytags inside out and can diagnose common issues in seconds, whether it’s a worn out seal on an older model, or an electrical issue inside. They’re also happy to advise on fridge care and maintenance, such as defrosting on non-frost-free models.

With Melbourne Metro Refrigeration, you get the benefit of a 24 hour reception service to ensure you can book in and get your refrigerator back up and running as soon as possible. This means you can book your Maytag refrigerator repair as soon as you’re aware you need it – handy for people who are very busy during standard business hours. To save you even more time and money, there’s no callout fee. Our technicians carry all the equipment they need plus a wide range of branded and generic parts and accessories, so whatever work needs to be done, chances are it can be completed on the same day.

We have a fleet of vans that are equipped with everything we need to complete your repair on site effectively. Don’t own a Maytag? Don’t worry, our team can cater to all makes and models. Simply give us a call today to book our services for your home.

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